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Our clients are our best reference


If I were to lose the heat exchanger of the gearbox or stabilizers,...I do not even want to think about the consequences. I could even loose a charter!!!

I can now sleep knowing that I will have an early warning for premature corrosion.

Alex Fernández - MY AZIZA - Chief Engineer


"I am definitely in for systems that make my job easier and more efficient. It is also all very organized in a nice case..."

Donovan Benbrook - MY S - Chief Engineer


Solved all issues in vessels I was in charge of. Corrosion in the AC system in particular. 

Alex Hernández - MY MI VIDA - Chief Engineer

IMG_2931 2.JPG

The first time that I feel I can effectively monitor my sea water systems.

I can now keep record of how much zinc I loose per period and spot excess of corrosion before it is too late.

Peter F. - Chief Engineer



A great invention! protects your equipment and also alerts you when you need it.

Pedro Rojas-MY CAMARIK-Captain


As surveyor, it is great to finally be able to get precise information about corrosion inside the sea water system. We can now produce a historic of the vessel and trend analysis.

Gerard Caja - Senior Galvanic Corrosión Surveyor - Atlantegroup


VERY INGENIOUS! Why hasn't somebody thought of this before? Beautiful elegant solution

Greg Minnar - MY El TIO - Captain

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