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Born efficient

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Created by the marine efficiency division of ATLANTEGROUP.

The environment was a major consideration from the inception and these points are highlighted below.


Recyclable and traceable components.

All components can be reused and the worn zincs can now be recycled.


Peace of mind.

"Our surveyors can now control the corrosion variables very accurately and create precise and effective maintenance plans." 

-Francisco Pelluz-


No more wasted zinc.

The indicator shows you when to change the anode long before it depletes entirely and disappears.

You will only use the zinc you need and recycle the rest.


Extends the life of marine equipment.

The indicator shows you when to change the anode long before it depletes entirely and disappears.

Very high indirect reduction of environmental impact.  

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Reduce yard periods.

All equipment with sea water cooling will be protected and controlled, avoiding unnecessary haul outs for repair.

Very high indirect reduction of environmental impact.

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No more painting inside aluminium tanks.

Bare metal inside tanks can last many years without having to paint them with effective corrosion control.

Very high direct reduction of environmental impact.

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