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With this product update, we want to introduce the new features of EasyAnode® and corrections/improvements from the previous version.
In this latest version we have made it even easier to assemble the anodes and verify that the foam is not restricted.
Some users found that in some instances, anodes were not turning red.
The ink infused foam was being strangled by the rubber seal. This could be a consequence of or a combination of several factors such as tightening, manufacturing tolerance of metal, seals, etc.
To avoid this in the future, we have:
•    Modified the design to avoid human or manufacturing deviations.
•    Introduced more strict inspection and quality methods.
•    Made EasyAnode® even easier to assemble and verify yourself.
How do I verify my EasyAnode®? 
Check this link or file attached: 
If you do find any of these within your delivery, we will send you replacements free of charge.
Some other users asked if we could mount the anodes without using any specific tools.
The answer is YES, it is one of the new features of the new versions of EasyAnode®.
By adjusting the tolerances and the type of rubber seals, it is now possible to mount and verify them USING NO TOOLS, you will simply need your hands.

Please include this Important Note with all deliveries to third parties.

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