Corrosion Never Sleeps

-Galvanic Corrosion Workshop-

-Galvanic Corrosion Course-

Summary of Workshop/Course

  • Presentation of the new corrosion monitoring technology.

  • Range of applications.

  • Advantages.

  • Local corrosion of marine equipment.

  • Global interaction of corrosion: vessel-equipment-grounding system.

  • How to run a corrosion maintenance plan.

  • Case studies.

  • Practical cases.

What will you get

 Advanced knowledge on the latest technology in corrosion maintenance.

✓ General knowledge on how to run a predictive maintenance plan and trend analysis.


✓ Certificate on internal corrosion management.

✓ Populated maintenance software for your vessel.

✓ Certificate of completion

Workshop/Course Information

  • Attendee Requirements:

    • Captains, Engineers, Project managers, Surveyors, Decision makers.

  • Experience in the sector: Senior officers.

  • Minimum number of attendees: 4.

  • Maximum number of attendees: 10.


    • Price per attendee: Free with invitation

    • Location: To be confirmed with organiser.

    • Duration: 45 minute workshop.


    • Price per attendee:

      • Course 500€

      • 50% discount available from sponsors.

    • Location: To be confirmed with organiser.

    • Duration: 8 hour course.

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