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EasyAnode® is a licensed brand under patent pending

The most efficient way to control corrosion

New corrosion indicator for marine equipment

EasyAnode® allows you to run a precise maintenance plan to control internal corrosion of all equipment onboard together.

How do I know if my engines are at risk of corrosion?

Corrosion indicator that will tell you when your marine equipment is unprotected. When the anode is nearly finished, and before your engines start to suffer corrosion, an ingenious design activates a colored indicator that can be seen instantly.

...and you don't need to dismount the anode to see it.

What equipment can I protect with EasyAnode®?

You can now protect and monitor all your marine equipment together.



Find out how to protect your marine equipment

All your anodes in one case.

All your corrosion data in one file.

Run a preventative maintenance plan for

internal corrosion with very little effort. 

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Implement your maintenance software

Having problems with corrosion? 

Implement a full monitoring-protection system for your equipment.

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Sustainable economy project.

EasyAnode® was created as a marine efficiency development.

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